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About EMV Chip Technology

By June 9th, 2022No Comments5 min read

About EMV Chip Technology.

The results are clear: chip readers work. EMV technology prevents fraud by creating a safer, more secure payment ecosystem for your customers. But you’re not just protecting your customers by switching to EMV—you are protecting your business. As of April 16, 2021, businesses that are not compliant with EMV will be held liable when card fraud occurs.

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About EMV Chip Technology
An EMV is the small computer chip and the reason you’re more likely to “dip” than “swipe” at the registers. EMV (which stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) chips create unique transaction codes for every purchase, protecting people against fraud.

How It Works

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You’ll need to invest in POS hardware that accommodates EMV technology. We’ll help you pick the right one.

03. Install & Setup

Our team works with yours to make things as easy as possible, ensuring that everything is installed and set up properly.

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How long will the upgrade take?

If you are upgrading dispensers and POS software at the same time, it can be an all-day process. The best-case scenario is 6 hours, but you will need to create a detailed action plan with your technician ahead of time.

Can I do this after hours?

This is only recommended after you have completed an upgrade at your first site as you will need your best technicians and potential network support. Once you have more experience, upgrading overnight can be an option.

How will this affect my customers?

The biggest change will come at the card reader. Customers will be prompted to leave their card inserted until instructed to remove it. Depending on the card, they may be instructed to enter additional information. Typically, they will simply be instructed to remove their card and proceed with the fueling transaction.

What happens if a customer leaves a car behind?

Passport POS software is designed with a safety net that reminds customers to remove their cards. If the customer doesn’t remove it, the cashier inside the store will be notified. During the first few days of operation, your cashiers will need to be mindful of this situation and be prepared to train your customers.

How will my customers know I upgraded?

Make sure you utilize all the tools in our EMV Welcome Kit to your advantage. Using stickers and signs let your customers know you invested in their security can help differentiate you from your unprotected competitors.

Can I still accept traditional mag strip cards?

Yes, however, if you have a customer that has a damaged chip card, the software will not default to mag stripe as a fall-back option to deter fraud.

What is needed to use EMV at my store?

You’ll need a CRIND upgrade (FlexPay II or IV, or new Encore 700S dispensers), updated card readers (if not current), enhanced site connectivity (high speed enabled via BRCM), EMV-enabled Passport POS Software.

I have new dispensers, I am ready to go, right?

If your dispensers are new, you should be ready. However, a Gilbarco authorized technician will need to activate your secure devices and make sure they have the latest software. Some dispensers may need a card reader upgrade depending on the age of your dispensers.

Do I need a new EDH?

No, but you do need at least 16GB of flash memory vs the current 8GB. Newer EDH devices may already have the necessary storage capacity. Your technician can help you determine whether you need to upgrade.

Why do I need a high-speed connection?

For EMV to work efficiently, each dispenser needs a specific network address over a high speed connection. For new sites, Ethernet cables could be used, but our FlexPay Connect methodology optimizes your existing wiring with a new device inside the store to allow for that high speed connection.

Can I upgrade my software first?

Yes. When software officially releases for your network, you can schedule an upgrade to the new software and be prepared for the outdoor upgrade when ready. The software is free to anyone who has a current active Passport Service Offering agreement. If your license has expired, you will first need to reactivate your agreement to qualify for the software.

Will anything in my store change?

With the new Passport Version 11.02 software, there are always new functions that come along with EMV support. The only EMV-related change is the notification of cards left in the dispenser when not properly removed by the customer.

How long has Gilbarco had an EMV system?

We have been testing chip card functionality for the past year, performing over 2 million card transactions across the country.

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